Responding To:  Why Don’t You At Least Send Your Kids to Church?

Where I live everybody goes to church, or if not, at least intends to start soon, because that’s just what good people do.  And everybody with any values or morals most definitely sends their kids to church.  So when someone, like me, doesn’t, it sticks out.  There’s no shortage of people kindly wanting to take these unfortunate children to hear their congregation’s correct version of the gospel.  So when asked it helps to have the right answers.

An answer which most accurately reflects how I feel is any one which includes the very nature of the idea of church itself.  Here’s a place you go, and sit quietly, while some random leader tells you why their way, out of all the thousands of other ways, is the correct one.  Supposedly, this church’s interpretation is the one that actually best figured out what those ancient nomads meant with their foreign scribbles of ancient visions of supernatural events meant to guide humanity for thousands of years to come.  And don’t even think about asking questions or entertaining doubts…  Read the rest at Reason Matters.

Practically Objective Morality

People are fine with living under rules such as, “It’s not okay to kill people.” But then somebody always throws out a counterexample, such as, “Well what if you could kill Hitler?” This sort of rare refutation way too often confounds these discussions. It shouldn’t.

There is a debate about whether there is, or should be, objective morality, with objective morality being a term used for a system of ethics with rules or prohibitions that are always right or always wrong. In its purest form objective morality has no exceptions. Ever. One group of people believes that we should have objective morality. These people usually believe that they themselves are objectively moral, and the world would be a better place if others proscribed to their particular ethical system, which tends to be based in religion.

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