Types of Political Lies

I’ve posted a non-political list comparing severity levels of different lies.  I’ve created a similar list with specific political lies meant to highlight not only the increased dishonesty in politics lately, but also the increased severity.  This is meant to counter the arguments that, since all politicians lie, there’s no difference among their lies – a sort of false equivalency.  Read the rest at Reason Matters.

The Coconut Scenario

Read on for what I think is one of the best economic analogies I’ve ever written or read. Despite my unavoidable bias, it seems especially poignant in its ability to explain and clarify the divisions that exist in today’s capitalistic society as well as the justifications people use to rationalize these justifications.

coconut small.jpg

Imagine a deserted island.  One man then becomes shipwrecked on this island.  Alone, he decides to make the best of his situation and begins a long and arduous task of collecting all of the island’s coconuts (as well as other resources, but we’ll just focus on the coconuts for simplicity’s sake).  After a while he gets them all, stores them in his cave, and settles in for a happy, albeit lonely, life.

Then, another shipwreck occurs, stranding nine additional people.  For awhile they leave the first man alone, as they are content to work on their own to collect what little remains of the island’s food supply, as well as build some ramshackle huts that offer basic protection from the frequent storms that batter them all.  After some time, the nine become tired and depressed.  The first man watches from his cave…

Read the rest at Reason Matters.