Welcome to my blog!  My name is Paul Morris.  I’m a Speech and Language Pathologist who’s really interested in language, learning, education, and anything that’s involved in promoting rational, enlightened thought.  A primary objective of mine is to provide concise descriptions of many aspects of learning to point out things I find interesting.  I use this blog as a learning tool for myself.  It helps me organize my thoughts, and prompts me to do further research into specific topics that I might ordinarily be too lazy to do.   I’d also like to provide varied pointers to different places to delve for more in-depth information if so desired.  Thanks for reading!

Also:  I would love to share contributions from anybody out there who has something interesting to say.  Just email me at languagegalore@gmail.com – include links to your own blog if you want, and I’d be happy to try and drive some traffic your way.