Tamara Fisher’s blog for Teacher Magazine includes this clipboard01post detailing several reasons why the needs of gifted students aren’t often being met in today’s classrooms.  Not only do gifted children have to overcome lacks of awareness and teacher training, but also many excuses from teachers about why not to teach the gifted.  Included are “I don’t have enough time to teach students already at their benchmarks,” and “Identifying some children as gifted makes the other children feel bad.”  Fisher tackles a wide variety of moral and rational issues surrounding the gifted at her blog titled, Unwrapping the Gifted.  Fisher does a really good job of showing (and reminding) that today’s teaching far too often tries to funnel people on both ends of the learning difference spectrum into some socially acceptable middle.  Even though most teachers are well aware of the need to challenge learners individually, the reality of today’s classroom makes this particularly difficult for advanced learners.