I was about to link this article (1)  when I noticed this one (2), and then this one (3) too, that caught my attention.  Here are short summaries of each:

1)  Older Parents, Birth Order Linked to Autism– This, from the U. of Wisconsin,  is claimed to be the largest study ever to look into autism correlations.  In short, older parents and/or earlier birth order = greater chance of autism.  While the “complex combinations of multiple causes” are up to their usual shenanigans, waiting longer to have children does appear to slightly increase one’s odds for autism.

2)  Facial Expressions are Innate, Not Learned – Researchers from San Francisco State found that both blind and sighted athletes demonstrate similar facial expressions after winning or losing competitions.  Social smiles after winning and lip pursing after losing were found to be similar regardless of sight, prompting the conclusion that these are well developed instincts that trace back long through evolution.

3)  Mother’s Care Influences ADHD Diagnosis– The results of this study imply “that the diagnoses and health care utilization that a mother receives prior to having her child is predictive of having a child who is diagnosed with ADHD.”  Those mothers who more often seek other forms of health care are more likely to seek (and get) ADHD diagnoses for their children.  Hey, they said it, not me.