Memory Training Can Increase Intelligence

This study, published in April of 2008, was led by Susan Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl, done at the University of Michigan, and has been cited in various publications including the New York Times, and Wired magazine.  The study participants – college students – increased their scores of working memory through a training regimen that lasted from eight to 19 days.  Working memory is a form of fluid intelligence that researchers have generally thought to be fairly fixed throughout life.  This study demonstrated that at least fluid intelligence is likely more plastic than has previously been thought.  (Fluid intelligence is often considered one type of intelligence, with crystallized intelligence being the other.  Crystallized intelligence draws on existing skills, and information in long term memory that has been learned, while fluid intelligence is the measure of manipulating various new concepts.  It involves problem solving, working memory, and to some extent, creativity.)


Martin Bushkuehl was interviewed here at the sharpbrains website.