Study on Stigmatization of Children with Speech Impairments

This link from COMD News summarizes a study reported in Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica (The International Journal of Phoniatrics, Speech Pathology, and Communication Disorders).  Per the abstract:

The study was based on 362 questionnaires completed by parents of children with speech-language impairment. The questionnaires concerned perceived stigmatization by other children, other adults and family members as a result of the child’s developmental problems. Results: In our sample, about 50% of the parents reported negative labeling of their child and about 30% felt they were involved in the stigmatizing process. Parents whose children also had behavioral problems more often reported negative labeling than parents whose children did not. Conclusion: The findings suggest that parents of children with speech-language disorders often perceive stigmatization of their children or themselves. In counseling such families, professionals should therefore address stigmatization and its consequences as a separate and important issue.